Waste Treatment & Disposal

HAZPRO provide a wide range of waste treatment and disposal solutions.

HAZPRO’s wide range of waste treatment and disposal solutions include treatment and disposal of hazardous substances. We provide full traceability and certification for all projects and we only deal with properly licenced hauliers and treatment and disposal facilities. We have a highly skilled team who bring a wealth of experience to the business and all operatives are equipped with the appropriate training and certification for the works undertaken.

Disposal of Waste

All waste moved off site is transported by licensed drivers and only taken to facilities that are properly licenced for treatment and disposal of that particular waste product.

Safe and environmentally friendly

By using neutralising agents we can often neutralize hazardous substances prior to removal thus significantly reducing disposal cost and eliminating risk.

We can provide a cleaning solution for all tank,vessel and silo shapes and sizes. We offer a closed loop service providing all plant, equipment and materials to complete the works in a safe, controlled and environmentally friendly manner.

Experienced Team

The HAZPRO team have vast experience of waste disposal and we have dealt with a wide range of wastes from acids to chemical wastes, oils, fuels, food and agricultural products to name a few.

Our project managers will complete a detailed field survey and present a detailed disposal solution proposal to our clients. This proposal will offer a bespoke solution which takes into account the particular project requirements, the nature of the waste material, relevant legislation and the safety and welfare of the disposal team, our client’s staff and premises and the general public.

Safety a Priority

All staff recieve confined space training, wear full protective clothing and carry oxygen alarm monitors and respirators. We employ the use of winches, lanyards and harnesses to ensure all staff work in a safe environment. We will always complete a risk assessment and detailed method statement in advance of any project commencing.

At HAZPRO we are committed to delivering the best environmental solution to our customers and to conducting our business operations in an environmentally sustainable manner
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal

  • Waste Neutralization

  • Sampling and Waste Analysis

  • Full Certification of Works